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Welcome to Yamamura Kokusai

Yamamura Kokusai is an energetic high school drawing students from all over the region to participate in our abundant academic, social, cultural and sporting activities. From our prestigious fashion course, steeped in almost a century of experience, to our innovative English teaching, to our space rocketing dance troupes, Yamamura Kokusai endeavours to mix the old with the new, the traditional Japanese with the Global, to provide our students with the richness of choice, advice, experience and possibility to allow from the weakest to the strongest to flourish and advance into the World as strong, capable, worldly wise individuals ready to participate on the local and the global platform for local and for global goals.

International aspects of our school include

  • farmstay in New Zealand (all year 2 students)
  • homestay in Canada (voluntary)
  • intensive English week (all year 1 students)
  • activities with schools from all over the world
  • christmas outing to British Hills (voluntary)
  • visiting students from all over the world
  • output-centric English classes
  • english classroom open after school
  • a growing polyglot staff, including UK and US teachers
  • welcoming to returnees
  • encourage and support travel abroad, study abroad
  • welcoming to foreign study students

We are proud of the broad range of extra-curricular activities and our achievements in as diverse activities as

  • iaido (samurai sword style) (boys and girls)
  • dance – Aphex awards, national finalists
  • baton twirling – national finalists(boys and girls)
  • kendo – regional quarter-finals (boys and girls)
  • soccer – prefecture quarter-finals
  • fashion design – university awards
  • new food and nutrition, and nursery and kindergarten pre-schoolers education courses.
  • scientific research – university awards for biology
  • calligraphy – prefecture winners
  • manga creation
  • broadcasting – national broadcasting awards
  • yosakoi dance club
  • wind ensemble

and the positive, exciting, atmosphere created by our students and staff.

To find out more about our school and the opportunities it has to offer, please contact us by email at admin@yamamurakokusai.com or by phone, fax or letter via the contact information here

We look forward to hearing from you.