Biology Club

Yamamura Kokusai Biology Club again has fared well against competition from government supported super science high schools. In the 11th high school science meeting, our student won award for excellence. No other independent school in Saitama competed at this level.

Swords and Tears


Farewell ceremony
Bidding a sad farewell to our fantastic guests at Yamamura Kokusai

A fond farewell to all our guests from Sweetwater and Hilltop High Schools. Thank you for staying with us. We hope you enjoyed the kendo, the iaido and the farewell party. We know we will treasure our memories.

Iaido and Kendo
Iaido and Kendo Demonstration by Yamamura Kokusai Club Members

Dance club performed their winning number at the farewell ceremony. Thank you to all the host family members. We could not have done it without you.

lunch with buddies
American students enjoying lunch with their Yamamura Kokusai buddies on the last day of their homestay.


Food and calligraphy


Year 3 Nutrition Course (Life Design) students cooking with visitors

Visitors from San Diego in California in the United States today experienced calligraphy and made sushi with our students.

Year 1 students assist in calligraphy lesson
international relations
Yamamura Kokusai Year 1 Tokushin Students DIscuss with students from Hilltop High and Sweetwater High, of San Diego, California


Welcome ceremony

welcome ceremony
20 students and 2 teachers welcome to Yamamura Kokusai

Started today with a video presentation from the twenty American guests, and the school Yosakoi troupe. Six thirty pm and one of the visitors is teaching dance club a minions dance.

life design students
Sweetwater and Hilltop students try at traditional Japanese Crafts with Yamamura Kokusai students

San Diego, California

This afternoon at five, 20 students from San Diego, California arrived at Yamamura Kokusai. They met their buddies and host families to begin five days homestay. We hope that they have a wonderful time.

Homestay pairs
Guest and Student